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What we do
Price-RX.com was founded in 2001. Our website lists pharmacies that offer prescription medications and compares the prices. The main purpose is to help you make the optimal drug choice.

There are not as many trustworthy websites operating now as it may look at the first sight. In our comparison charts we list only reputable companies. We try to make it more convenient for you to find reliable US based pharmacies with good prices and wide variety medications for different health conditions.

For our foreign visitors we list tested and reliable international pharmacies that sell quality generics and ship them to majority of countries in the world.

How to operate this site
You can quickly find the information via our search function. But you are also very welcome to browse our site. Start by choosing the category at the left-hand menu and then just read and follow the links. If you can't find the medication you are interested in, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you find the information you need.

All the critically important information on medications that is published on our website is based on the most reputable and trusted literature. Here is the list of reference books and guides.

Interesting Facts
  • Do you know what is the meaning of "Rx" on doctor's prescription? "Rx" written in the heading means an instruction to "take" the medicine. Another possible meaning suggests that it's a form of the astrological symbol for the Roman god Jupiter, written to be blessed by the god.
  • The cost of medications where one manufacturer owns the patent to the product and has the legal right to sell it is very high. On the other hand, the cost drops significantly when the patent expires and several manufacturers produce the drug.
  • It usually takes between 10 and 15 years and an average $802 million to develop and bring a new medicine to market.
  • Over 90% of pharmaceutical compounds entering clinical trials fail to make it to the market.
  • Each year in the United States, more than 160 million prescriptions are written for antibiotics. It is estimated that in 20%-50% of cases they are unnecessary.
  • Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that hopeful people, like someone anticipating feeling proud, generally make healthier choices, than people who experience happiness or who are more focused on the past, like someone experiencing pride.
  • According to a new research from the University of Utah, women who have babies naturally in their 40s or 50s tend to live longer than other women. This is a confirmation of an earlier research that also showed that brothers of late-fertile women live longer as well.

What we don't do
Price-RX.com is an informational website and does not sell anything.

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